Monday, October 13, 2008

Hispanic Coalition Backs Big Oil

The Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute is a routine supporter of energy corporations and free trade agreements. It is closely associated with Texans for Electric Choice, which is an electric industry public relations organization that opposes energy regulation. Other backers of Texans for Electric Choice include the Texas Association of Business and Americans for Prosperity.A Texas Observer online report by Forrest Wilder on June 11, 2008 on inked HAPI to another fossil fuel coalition called Power Across Texas. “The group’s Web site warns ominously of “pending power shortages, the potential of rolling blackouts and the traumas associated with lack of energy supply” and calls for “environmentally sound approaches for ensuring reliable power at the lowest possible price for all Texans.” “But Power Across Texas’ allies aren’t exactly typical tree-huggers. It’s backed by the Clean Coal Technology Foundation of Texas, a group tied to Big Coal; the right-wing, anti-environment Americans for Prosperity; the Republican-oriented Hispanic Alliance for Progress; the Biodiesel Coalition of Texas; Jupiter Power Company, L.P.; and Cyclone BioEnergy LLC.” Through the Business-Industrial Political Action Committee, HAPI is circulating its own “Take Action” letter to congress on energy issues. As usual with its advocacy, HAPI appeals directly to Hispanic constituencies, beginning the letter: “As a Hispanic American consumer, I am concerned about continually rising energy costs, and realize that the cost of energy is related directly to supply.” According to HAPI, “Currently, the U.S has access to an abundant supply of domestic oil and natural gas which government has deemed “off limits” for production. Given the extreme pressure consumers are feeling in their pocketbooks related to energy costs, now is the time for Congress to release the hold on those areas…including the moratorium on the Outer Continental shelf. “It’s no wonder, then, that the powerful American Petroleum Institute has seen fit to join HAPI’s corporate board. See TransBorder Profile -- Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute

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