Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phoenix, "The Rebirth of American Culture," Say Tea Party Patriots

Talk about a cultural war. The Tea Party Patriots are holding their American Policy Summit in Phoenix this month (Feb. 25-26) – calling Phoenix the “rebirth place of American culture." We certainly can’t complain that they aren't clearly defining the battle lines of the cultural war.

The tea partiers say holding the summit in Phoenix represents “our opportunity to support the citizens of Arizona in their current political battles that carry so many national implications." Arizona is taking border security and immigration enforcement into its own hands, most notably with its Support Our Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (SB 1070).

The summit will bring together the border hawks, cultural traditionalists, and anti-government libertarians – a remix of the three pillars of American conservatism – with sessions on Security, including ballot security, border security, and immigration enforcement; Culture, including American culture, constitutional studies, and gun rights, and Economics, including fair taxation and government waste. It will be an historic gathering, says the Tea Party Patriots: “Years from now, if someone says, ‘I was in Phoenix,’ you’ll know what they’re talking about.”

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